How RP came to be:


After a spontaneous trip in the winter of 2011 to the Mirror Lake Shuffleboard Club in St. Petersburg, Florida, owners Ashley Albert and Jonathan Schnapp set out to build a shuffleboard club in Brooklyn.

By July 2012, they'd secured the lease on a 17,000 square foot warehouse in Gowanus and set about raising money to make their vintage-Florida Shuffleboard dreams come true.

It took another year and a half of fundraising and kickstartering and designing and permitting before the doors to The Royal Palms were ready to open in the winter 2013.

Today, people from all over the world come to visit and fall in love with the game. The Royal Palms Monday and Tuesday Night Shuffleboard League is the largest in the world and Ashley and Jonathan are now internationally ranked shuffleboard players!

In winter 2018 The Royal Palms launched their second shuffleboard club in the Wicker Park/Bucktown area of Chicago.



Ashley albert

As the co-owner of The Royal Palms, Ashley Albert spends her days dreaming up mostly implausible ideas for how to make the club more fun and her nights teaching Brooklyn's Hipster Elite the nuances of a 100 year old game that she's managed to become the 68th best in the world at playing.

She manages to keep pretty busy in her downtime, too.

As a 22-year veteran of the cut-throat New York City Voice-Over industry, you've probably heard her a zillion times telling you about the virtues of McDonald’s Filet O’ Fish, the deliciousness of Nutella or what’s coming up next on Nickelodeon, HGTV and MTV. As the lead singer of the kindie rock band, The Jimmies, she has throngs of first graders throwing animal crackers and tantrums at her feet and as the mastermind of the social media accessory company, Survival of The Hippest, she's relied upon to bring imaginative ridiculousness to the masses on a semi-regular basis. In her free time, she snacks extravagantly, brainstorms diligently and writes her own bedtime stories, but always falls asleep before finishing them.



Jonathan Schnapp

career path:
yogurt pumper
pizza delivery guy
camp counselor
census taker
kitchen knife salesman
bank teller
recording engineer
graphic designer
interactive developer
nyu professor
pinata maker
moon shooter

He currently stands as the #4 ISA ranked shuffleboard player in the world.

the RP Crew

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