Our food truck partners

All of our fabulous food trucks we work with are able to offer catering packages and preorders for our cabana parties. You and your guests are also welcome to order a la carte from the truck the day of your event and even start a tab if you prefer.



A Moroccan restaurant on wheels serving authentic appetizers, platters and sandwiches from Chef Samir.

Awards and Accolades:
Coming soon!

Website: www.chefsamirtruck.com
Catering Email: samir@chefsamirtruck.com

Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @chefsamirtruck


groundling pizza cO. truck

A Brooklyn Wood Fire Pizza Truck. MEATBALL POPUP PURVEYORS.

Awards and Accolades:
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Instagram: @groundling_pizza_co
Catering Email groundlingnation@gmail.com


Deli N Dogz Pastrami Truck

Deli n Dogz Pastrami Truck offers deli, kosher style food and sandwiches on the streets of New Your City. We serve hot, 7 hour slow cooked meats such as pastrami and corned beef and juicy burgers, as well as our own New York twist on cheesesteaks. We also have an array of sides from hot dogs and Knishes and homemade cole slaw and potato salad.

Awards and Accolades:
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Catering Email salembroo@aol.com



Since 2014, Gary’s Steaks serves up the authentic Philly Cheese Steaks in the streets of new york city, delicious Hoagies ( built-to-order ) sandwiches filled with meat and cheese, as well as onions, mushrooms and peppers, and hot tasty sides hot fresh French fries. All the items on Gary’s Steaks menu are made from the highest quality and authentic ingredients coming straight from Philadelphia.

Awards and Accolades:
Coming soon!

Website www.garyssteaks.com
Catering Email garyssteaks@gmail.com



Move over, Salad. Make room, Sandwich. Clear out French Crêpe. There’s a new meal in town. Enter a novel meal: the rice crêpe. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, this Japanese-style beauty is easy on the eyes; easier on the palate. We take rice flour, whip it into a silky mix, turn that on the griddle, and poof! It’s the foundation for a handheld meal that doubles as a work of art.  A rice crêpe is strong, pliable, and beautifully adaptive. It makes a tasty salad, omelet, yogurt, lunch, dinner, or snack totally portable. Take a nibble—and transport yourself to Harajuku. 

Awards and Accolades:
Coming soon!

Website www.harajukusushiandcrepe.com
Catering Email harajukusushiandcrepe@gmail.com


Kong bab korean bbq

Kong Bab is a new to NYC food truck that doesn’t try to achieve “fusion.” They stick with what they know, traditional Korean dishes.                   

Awards and Accolades:
Coming soon!

Catering Email: kim22ho@gmail.com

Twitter @kongbab34
Instagram @kongbab34



Born in Ethiopia from parents of Eritrean descent, Makina Cafe founder Eden G. Egziabher was raised amidst a vibrant mix of Ethiopian, Eritrean and Italian cultures. It’s no coincidence that “Makina” translates to “truck” in all three of these countries’ languages, whose cultures combine to create the mosaic of flavors found on the mobile cafe’s menu.     

Awards and Accolades:
Coming soon!

Website www.makinacafenyc.com
Catering Email info@makinacafenyc.com

Twitter @MakinaCafe
Facebook MakinaCafe
Instagram @makinacafe




Meatoss represents a dream coming true of Chef Daniel who was born in Russia, raised in Israel and moved to New york. After 15 years of experience he decided to introduce you to his true passion and love, to serve the best quality meat to the costumer. He uses a professional Brazilian churrasco grill where heat, smoke and meat come together to receive the juiciest pieces possible.

Awards and Accolades:
Coming soon!

Website www.meatosstruck.com  
Catering Email meatosstruck@gmail.com

Twitter @meatosstruck
Facebook @MeatossTruck
Instagram @meatosstruck



Paris on wheels

Paris on Wheels is cooking up the finest French/American collaboration since the Statue of Liberty. A menu of elevated, hybrid comfort is giving Astoria a better way to chow down, and a lot of reasons to line up. From braised short-rib tacos to King Louis hot wings, there's a taste for every tastebud onboard, marrying European flair to classic American soul. Hop on board to see for yourself, or book the truck for your next event - you'll find yourself holding a torch in no time for their knockout cuisine.

Instagram @parisonwheelsinc
Catering Email parisonwheelsinc@gmail.com