Everything you could possibly want to know
about your night at The Royal Palms…


I know that you're a 21 and over club, but can I still bring my baby if he/she stays in his/her stroller?

We don't allow ANYONE under the age of 21 at our bar. Even cute, tiny sleeping people.

Can I bring in outside food?

No outside SAVORY food is allowed (Cake, on the other hand, is fine by us.) We feature a different food truck every single night. They're bound to offer something you and your guests will find delicious. A schedule of our food trucks can be found on our calendar page.


For cabana parties, is it required that all of my guests purchase the same drink package? If so, what about my non-drinking and or pregnant friends?

It's true. Every single person attending your party, even if they're not planning to drink OR shuffle, MUST be included in the same bar package. The good news is, unlimited non-alcoholic beverages are included in all of our packages--paper umbrellas optional. No exceptions will be made. Seriously.


What happens if our final guest count ends up being more or less than our original Cabana Party contract?

Once the contract and credit card authorization for your event are signed, you can only decrease your guest count by 10% or less and you must request that change at least 48 hours before your event.

You can INCREASE your guest count without much of a problem, even the day of your event, but we cannot guarantee the availability or use of extra courts/cabanas and service may suffer as a result of overcrowding. All additional, last-minute guests will be accommodated at the sole discretion of management.

On the day of your event, ALL extra guests in attendance will be added to the total bill for the full duration of the event, regardless of their length of stay. Please keep in mind that, at a minimum, you will be charged for the total amount of guests listed on your contract, regardless of whether or not they show up.

If I book a cabana party, what happens when our two hours are up? Do we have to leave or can we stay and pay for extra time / bar service?

Odds are, we've got another crew of party people coming in right after you, so once your time's up, you'll need to vacate your cabana/court...but the party doesn't have to end! Grab yourselves a table and send someone to get Cards Against Humanity from our front desk; you've got the whole night ahead of you!

What should we do when we arrive?

Simply check in at the front desk! The host will direct you to your cabana(s) and court(s), and from there your server will get you set up with a pro lesson and drink service. 

Can I bring in decorations for my Cabana Party?

Do it up! We just kindly ask that you don't use any adhesive that may damage our walls or fixtures and please be sure to remove any decorations at the end of your event. And PLEASE, spare us the confetti!

Is there any way to reserve court time without booking a cabana party?

Nope. Aside from cabana packages, courts are rented strictly on a first come, first served basis. We'll be happy to have you either way.

What is the situation for walk ins?

Walk-ins are always encouraged here at The Royal Palms. Courts are $40 and are rented on a first-come, first-served basis. We always keep a number of courts available for walk-ins and if there's a line, we limit play to one hour per party to try to get as many people on the courts as possible.

If I want to pay for my guests to eat, what are my options?

All of your guests will have bracelets to identify themselves, so you can always start a tab at the food truck when you arrive and let your guests go to the window, flash their bracelet and order what they like. Then simply close out your tab with the truck at then end of the evening.

Additionally, most of the trucks will allow you to pre-order for your party, we’re happy to pass along their contact information if you want to coordinate something ahead of time.

What's your stance on birthday cake? If I bring one, can you refrigerate it and provide plates, napkins, and utensils?

Yes, you can bring in cake (or any other festively sweet treats) but no, we can not provide refrigeration and we don’t have any of the necessary cakey accessories for you to eat it with. Please bring any plates, cutting knives, utensils, napkins, etc. you might need. Also, you have to solemnly swear to clean up after yourselves. (And maybe save us a piece.)


Is there any situation that would allow me to bring in my own catering?

We only allow outside catering with a Full-Space Buy-Out.  (Or when your event takes place at a time when we're not open to the public)


Is there any way to cancel my event after I’ve signed the contract?

Unfortunately, no. We’ve turned away all sorts of other parties to hold your spot.  If you decide to cancel your event for any reason after you’ve signed the contract, a 50% deposit will be charged to the credit card on file.

Can I use a different method of payment on the day of my event to pay for the total?

Yes—the credit card authorization is only held on file in the event of a cancellation or no-show. Otherwise, you are welcome with cash or any major credit card at the end of your event.  An ATM machine is conveniently located inside the club next to the front desk.

No one in my party has ever played shuffleboard—is that a problem?

Not at all! Your party will receive a five-minute pro lesson at the start of your event, and your server will be able to answer any shuffleboard questions you may have for the duration of your event.


Is this going to go down as one of the funnest nights of my ENTIRE LIFE?

A: All signs point to yes.