This is the most magical place we’ve ever been to in our whole lives.
— New York Times

Drinks served from two 27-foot bars “taste like a vacation” (coconut cocktails, key-lime fizzes), and a variety of vittles will come from indoor, rotating food trucks
— New York Magazine

The result, as you can see in the photos, is a glorious culmination of kitsch: a stage for yacht-rock bands, mason-jar cocktails, vintage pennants from tourist attractions in Florida, and flamingo wallpaper in the bathroom.
— Grub Street

One of our favorite throwback spots in South Brooklyn, the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club is known as much for its colorful cocktails as it is for its kitschy decor. Bartender Tim Judge let us in on one of his favorite recipes (named after the author who wrote “the book” on shuffleboard technique).
— J. Crew Blog

Now that this place is here, no one else can do it.
— The New Yorker

The following week I heard more people discuss shuffleboard in Gowanus. This time they used words like hip, retro, cool, and trendy. I decided to figure out what people were talking about and I discovered Royal Palms.
— The Huffington Post

The world’s greatest shuffleboard bar is in, well, Brooklyn
— Thrillist

Sip something cold and fruity and forget about it — this is staycation, after all.
— The Village Voice